I needed a shot of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Wall) for The Stealing of the Presidency 1968 and knew exactly what I wanted: this.
I didn’t realize that it must have been taken at sunset (the sun rising behind the Washington Monument turns it into a silhouette) so I set the alarm clock to wake me an hour before dawn.
I awoke before the alarm and got out early–and noticed that the sky was quite, quite bright for pre-dawn. Daylight, one might call it.
I got in the car anyway. Found out Constitution Ave. was blocked. Marine Corps Marathon.
Undeterred, I stopped and asked one of Washington, DC’s police officers if this meant I couldn’t walk to the wall. She replied that I could, but that if I got in the way of the marathon I would be arrested.
Arrested. Huh.
So I parked a few blocks from Constitution and started walking.
The wrong way. Got some shots of the Washington Monument. The side the sun wasn’t on.
Realizing by then that it was impossible to get the shot I wanted, I went to the wall anyway.
And saw this.

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